Some examples of my most recent work that has been published online or on printed media can be found below. Since my key objective is to have an activist impact through my photography, I work with different kind of media depending on the story and audience to be reached:

Banana plantations in Apartado

Cacao plantations in Prado

Palm oil plantations in Los Llanos

Coffee plantations

  • UNDP publication: The story made in Granada and a FARC re-integration camp in Colombia on two UNDP initiatives:

Granada lleno de esperanza,

Turismo de naturaleza, una apuesta por la paz

  • MO Magazine: The two images accompanying the article of ‘Ik ben niet tegen de auto, ik ben voor de stad’ – Brent Toderian, in both the printed and online magazine of March 2018
  • FOS: Articles on Colombian agriculture and conflicts published by FOS – 11.11.11 – Dewereldmorgen:

Life on a Colombian palm oil plantation





  • Carbon concious travel blog: inspiring trips while travelling differently, having richer experiences but with less carbon impact. Schermafbeelding 2019-03-31 om 18.59.45.png
  • Colombia blog: Travel blog in Latin America, a blog written over the last 2 years while living in Bogota, Colombia.

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